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- Broadcasting From the Outer Edges of the Universe -

eople of Earth let it be known, we have come to trance-form your world . . .
Trance-mitting from the outer orbits our mission is simple,
our task daunting; to rescue your planet from mediocre radio interference.
Beam us to your friends

when scientists  intercepted a weak signal from outer space. It was initially among the thousands of stations that loomed in the Live 365 galaxy.
But soon Earth creatures started tuning-in and slowly (without much paid advertising), they realized that it was unlike any other station on their
planet. Beaming unique frequencies that would soon trance-form the world, it became one of the top 3 Trance stations on January 16th 2010,
and soon after reached the number 2 spot in the Summer of that same year.

On Monday January 26th 2015, it climaxed to the number 1 spot on the Live 365 Trance genre and remained there consistently throughout the remaining history of Live 365.

. . . And then shit happened. On December 30th 2015, the leaders of planet Earth deemed minor radio satellites like ours to be a threat to their conglomerate existence, and thereby
changed the rules and caused many of these small internet broadcasting stations to spiral inward like uncontrolled asteroids into the black hole of history. But some of us escaped the
strong magnetic gravitational forces, only to unleash a more creative and powerful spacecraft know from now on as . . .  
The Orbiter.