Earthlings: in our continuing efforts to take over your planet we have sent you project 31.
This is not a video, but rather a different approach for the humanoids to experience themadmixer's musical creations.

Project 31: 'Trance-sitional Elements' is a unique logical array (first time ever on your planet) designed to give the
viewer an awesome journey through time and space by displaying different visuals synchronized to the music every
time the project is launched.

This is a one-way trip. Once you press the "Launch" button, you are on your way. There are no controls to stop, skip,
pause or other nuances (a work of art should never be rushed or interrupted).

. . . So, sit back, set your volume control to a comfortable level, make sure your seatbelt is securely fastened, your
headphones are on . . . And hold on to your drink!!

PS: A good DJ makes good mixes, a great DJ embellishes in creativity . . .(Willie)

Please note that not all browsers handle images the same way. We have successfully tested project 31 on Google Chrome and Mozilla
Firefox. Also, it will sync better if you close all unused browser windows.

Requirements: Javascript, HTML5 audio, mp3 codec, and a good Internet connection.

Betta version: Launched Friday, September 19, 2013 - Copyright themadmixer, all rights reserved.
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A Message To The Earthlings
Please Read Before Launching: